Buying Travel Insurance


There has been more and questions about terrorism and what is actually covered by most travel insurance plans. As more and more unrest is seen around the world it probably is a valid concern on the minds of many travelers as the venture abroad.

If you look at the majority policies there are several definitions that need to be understood and limitations and exclusions that you need to be aware of.

First there is a difference between an act of terrorism and disturbances caused by civil unrest or riots. Most plans have exclusions for war declared or undeclared, riots, insurrection and other acts of civil disobedience. These are not covered.When it comes to acts of terrorism to be covered they have to be declared as acts of terrorism by the government and they have to have actually occurred. Just because there is a threat of a terrorist act no benefits will be paid as a result of cancelling or early termination of your trip.

In addition, most policies state that the act of terrorism must occur in a city that is listed on your itinerary within 30 days of your scheduled visit. Just being near where you plan to visit probably won’t allow any benefits to be paid under the policy either.

You need to check the specifics of any policy you purchase if this is an issue you are concerned about. Depending where you plan on traveling, terrorism may be more of a concern. But as we all know, there can be no assurances that anywhere is safe from terrorist activities. Stay alert and heed and government travel advisories and warnings.

Recently they ask what would happen if after one had bought travel insurance and there were additional travel costs added. In this case additional land excursions were added to the itinerary which increased the total cost of the trip. It can happen but hopefully not often.

All travel insurance policies are based on the total amount of prepaid travel costs. If you don’t cover the cost of the entire trip you put in jeopardy any claims for cost recovery that was not included.

If you run in to this situation you need to modify your policy and pay the additional premium cost as soon as possible. Call your travel insurance carrier and explain the situation. You will want to do this before the time window expires that will make you ineligible for any upgraded coverage for things like pre-existing conditions waivers or cancel for any reason upgrades that some carriers offer.

And don’t forget, if you add an excursion activity that is classified as high risk activity like backpacking, rock climbing or scuba diving you will probably need to add adventurous activity coverage to your policy.

Check your policy’s statement of coverage for all these details. If you still have questions get in touch with your carrier immediately. The last thing you want is to find out too late the coverage you thought you had was not there if you need it.

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