Longstay travel insurance


Longstay travel insurance

Sometimes we all need a break from work and for many of us standard two week vacations are just not enough. If you are moving to a foreign country for a longer period of time and you are not planning to look for employment there it usually means that you are left without any insurance in case of an emergency. Before you decide to go for long vacations or relocate to another country for a few months check what insurance companies have in their offers and look for the best way to cover all emergency costs you might bear during your stay in a foreign country.

What exactly is a long stay travel insurance and who needs it?

Long stay travel insurance is a type of insurance policy for everyone, who plans to go abroad for long vacations and do not wish to look for a job there. The most popular duration period of this policy is 90 days, but you can also order 12 or even 18 month policy if this trip turns into something more than just vacations. The basic insurance plan for long stay travel usually covers only medical emergencies, baggage loss and flight cancellation, but more developed plans offer coverage for different types of medical conditions, personal liability and holiday money. If you plan to travel with your family some companies can offer you extra insurance for your children for a reduced price.

Why do I need long stay travel insurance?

The longer you plan to stay in a particular country the higher the risk that you will have to use local medical assistance, especially if you already have a recurring medical condition or regularly use prescribed medicines. Long stay travel insurance will help you save some money you would otherwise have to spend on medical expenses. The policy also protects you against all emergency costs and common problems experienced by travelers in a foreign country. Longstay travel insurance offers the perfect combination between holiday travel policy and standard health insurance, therefore this type of policy is recommended to everyone, who is embarking on a long journey or plan to move out to another country and stay there for a few months.

What is not covered and what options require additional payment?

Longstay travel insurance policies can vary greatly in terms of coverage: some offer typical for travel policies cover for the trip, baggage and emergencies, while other focus more on medical assistance. The typical exclusions from long stay insurance policy are the result of age restrictions and pre-existing medical conditions, which are not covered by the insurer. You can also expect that some types of sport activities will not be covered and medical and legal assistance will not be available in some of the countries you would like to go to. Before starting your trip make sure that everything you plan to do and places you want to visit are covered by the insurance company.

How to choose the best long stay travel insurance?

To make the best informed decision you should check if your travel plans are in accordance with restrictions and regulations stipulated by the insurer. However, this is not always possible and if you plan to go on a journey, which lasts more than just a few weeks you never know what kind of cover you are really going to need. In this case choose the most comprehensive insurance plan.

Remember to also check whether all of the places you think you might want to visit are on the insurer’s list. Ask about cover for terrorist attack and natural disasters if you plan to visit one of the exotic countries.

If the trip you have in mind might turn into a relocation for good check if the insurance company offers any options for extending the long stay policy for few more months and check whether the policy you have will also remain valid once you start working in the foreign country.

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