Missionary Health Insurance

Missionary Health Insurance

Helping others is a meritorious deed, however when you bring help to the ones in need you also want to be sure that your own safety is not being compromised and that you are in good hands, with someone out there, who is always eager to help you when you need it the most. Missionary health insurance offers you such invaluable assistance whenever you plan to venture on a journey to distant and potentially more dangerous countries.

What is missionary health insurance?

Originally missionary health insurance was designed to serve Christian churches and groups, which embark on missions to some regions in need, usually located in Africa and Asia, but currently it is also a popular policy purchased by those, who work for international organizations active in underprivileged countries or by those, who plan to move to a Third World Country. The main difference between missionary health insurance and any other type of travel insurance is the coverage for medical expenses in countries, which are usually not included in regular travel insurance policies.

Why should you choose missionary health insurance?

It goes without saying that when you are traveling to a Third World Country you really need a good insurance policy that would cover all unexpected turns of events and provide you with the finest medical assistance. If you plan to travel to some African or Asian countries the risk of a terrorist attack, assault, robbery or even military conflict is considerably higher, therefore you need a special type of policy that would provide full coverage also in these situations, which are rarely covered by regular travel insurance policies. Without proper health insurance, on the other hand, you might have a problem when you look for quality medical care in underprivileged countries, as medical institutions in Third World Countries often provide only basic medical care and operate only on elementary medical equipment. Last but not least, during your missionary service in exotic country you will most probably be also exposed to diseases and environmental conditions you have never experienced before, therefore the risk of injury, damage to your health and developing exotic infectious disease is much higher than during regular trips to tourist destinations. You need to always be sure that you did everything possible to protect your own health.

Additional costs and exclusions

In order to apply for missionary health insurance policy you will be asked to complete a medical screening procedure, which is an important part of preparations before moving to a distant, exotic country. Remember also that purchasing missionary health insurance cannot be seen as an exemption from applying vaccinations and all other necessary medical precautions, which need to be applied before traveling to a foreign exotic country. In fact breaching these rules and regulations can also get you in trouble with your insurance company, who might not be willing to pay for medical expenses, which resulted from your own negligence. Also remember to always check the list of refundable medical expenses. Some insurance companies decline to provide medical assistance to those, who suffer from infectious diseases, such as HIV, or do not cover such infections when they occur during the missionary trip. Since the problem is extremely important for everyone traveling to underprivileged countries always double check the list of refunded diseases to avoid medical costs if you accidently get infected with some exotic disease.

Tips for everyone, who is looking for missionary health insurance

If you have never tried this type of insurance before you might experience some problems with finding one, as many of the biggest insurance companies have no such policy in their offers. Insurers, who provide this sort of policy usually specialize in this field and often support or cooperate with Christian missionary organizations, therefore checking these organizations can give you a clue on who to get the insurance from.

Remember to always choose a company with enough experience and professional knowledge to ascertain safe travel and safe stay during your missionary trip. Do not be afraid to ask for references or formal certifications if you worry that the company you are considering might not have enough professional background to offer reliable, guaranteed services.

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